How to Use Google Keyword Planner in 2024

How to Use Google Keyword Planner in 2024

Google Keyword Planner is a tool for advertisers. But you can also use this tool for your blog, content, and SEO. It gives the idea of the keyword.

In this blog, You will learn how to find the best keyword for your content and SEO.

Google Keyword planner

Step 1 Get Access to the Google keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is free you need a Gmail account to use it.

to set one go to  Click Start Now and sign in to your Google account after that you have to click on the tools in the tool section you should find the option of Keyword Planner and click to open in a new tab.



Why start using Keyword Planner for SEO?

we recommend using a keyword planner For SEO and PPC for a few reasons. Including the following:

  • Price: Google keyword planner is a free tool if you are looking for a cost-free keyword research tool then keyword planner is  the best tool
  • Accuracy: For informed keyword and target decisions Google provides the best and most accurate data
  • Depth: You can also surf short-tail and long-tail keywords.

Step 2. Discover new keywords

If you want to see the search volume and forecast and metrics of the  specific keywords, click search volume and forecast


There are two ways to discover new keyword

  1. Start with ideas: Enter up to 10 phrases and  words related to your business
  2. start with the website and webpage:  put the URL of any website in the keyword planner and then enter

Step 3. Look for the best keyword ideas

there’s no point in targeting keywords which is not related to your business. So the best way to start and find keywords is to filter out the keyword that is not relevant to your business.

For example, If you are looking for an idea for a keyword related to watch for a store.

If you enter”watch” you will see lots of brand-related keywords

Google keyword planner

This is fine if you sell watches from these brands otherwise these are irrelevant keywords.

Google Keyword Planner gives you an easy way to filter out and refine your specific keywords

Keyword research

you can easily filter out keywords which is not relevant to your business. Easily by clicking and nonclicking

Google keyword planner

Find low-competition long-tails

Longtail keywords are the best ikigai the secret of live happy lifeto target your audience and understand what your audience is looking for, and they get a few searches in a month. Because of this, they tend to be easier to rank than popular keywords.

Keyword planner doesn’t show the exact search of the keyword but it so the average monthly searches, so you can easily find long tail keywords by shorting the ideas


Find trending keywords

The keyword has YOY change the metric. This shows the change in search trends between the last month and the same month from the previous year.

You can find breakout topics if you can short keyword ideas by this column from lowest to highest

Keyword research

if you working as an affiliate marketer this is the best way to find a product worth reviewing.

Find seasonal keywords

The keyword planner has a “three-month metric” metric. this tells the search volume for this month and the prior two months

You can find seasonal topics. if you have short keyword ideas by this column from highest to lowestKeyword research

Find lucrative keywords

The keyword planner has a column”top of bid range”(high range) as Google indicates, this shows the higher range of advertisers have historically paid for keywords top of the bid page.

Now advertisers don’t have e to do SEO But it’s logically assumed if they are willing to pay a lot for a click from a keyword,it must have commercial value.

Bonus: Google Keyword Planner tips & tricks

Now you know the basics of keyword research

  1. Unlock exact search volume: Google’s reluctance to show exact search volumes is one of the most frustrating things about keyword planners. That’s why many advertisers not using the tool any longer

But there is a trick to unlocking more insights into the keyword(but not perfect search volume)

  1. Go to the forecast tab
  2. Click to add a keyword
  3. Enter your keywords in the Square bracket
  4. click save
  5. choose the maximum CPC on the graph

Now see the “impression” column. This tells you an estimated number of impressions your ad would get over the next month if you were to run it for selected keywords

2. See local search volumes

Most keyword research doesn’t tell you . How many people serve a term in a specific term from a country and city? They only show the search volume of the entire country.

In Google Planner, however, you can simply change your location to a different country and state


In this blog, we discussed about how to find the right Keyword For SEO and PPC. I hope y=this blog will help you to find the best Keyword  using a keyword planner

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