ikigai the secret of live happy life


Ikigai means goal of your life everyone has the ikigai but lots of people cant find them and you have to find it what is your Ikigai, if your Ikigai is clear then you will live life happy without any fear . Because you will know that what is goal of your life and how can you achieve them, there is lots of way to find the ikigai you have to do the work without taking care,  and do the work continuously everyone has some skills which is far better than and nobody can do this same as he has there are many ways to find out your Ikigai, I will tell you. how to find out ikigai



this is a  city in zapan  in this city people living with  simple ,life and eating in small dish like tofu with veegtable with higher proptien carbs

after knowing the Ikigai friend cricle, create  a good contribution to live life long

Sardinia itlie Pepole from here also doing same thing Eating a lot of vegetable and along with veges they are drinking one and two glass of wine drinking and they are also living long life like okinava peopl

  • Linda california there is a lot of people who is living longest live in america
  • South koria the people is living here who is living till 90years and always being happy.
  • The ratio of people to living life is 3in 1 

secret of 80% people in japan(ikigai)

there is a saying  Proverb in zapan hara hachi bu  People using this, Proverb Before eating Food .The Meaning of this proverb that eat only whenever you stomach is 80%fulll. This Is  A very old teaching in which is advised not to eat so much, That the stomach full. this is the reason

why the people of Okinawa eat only amount of food that feels 80% of their stomach .They Never eat food Till their stomach is full .Because of this ,The energy that is lost in digesting food is saved, as well as it also reduce the process of oxidation without any reason. Well There  is a way to know that when your stomach is 80% full whenever we  are eating our body telling us in burp when you getting burp while eating just don’t eat  more. The way the full is Served is always important it is not necessary to eat snack first and then main course and then dessert

Moai Connecting with Life.

people in Okinawa are friendlier then anywhere else. it is a part of the culture. Moai means a group of people gathered are the some purpose. four many people of this society ,doing social service is there unit.

The moai concept originated many years ago .under difficult circumstances some farmers gathered and started it under this, all the other farmers used to help the one in whose field less grew.

Story Beyond Aging

for the last country ,We have been increasing of our life expectancy by 0.3 years every year.Now  imagine that if we have such a technology,

with the help of which we can increase our life span by one year every year, then we will leave behind the speed of aging and become immortal according to the principle of biology. We can achieve this goal in next 10 years .



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