national football league thomas vincent lombardi

worlds best coaches in national football league. He never had losing  as a head coach in the National football league and his regular session

wining percentage 73.8% and 90% National football leaguenational football league)

Lombardi was born on  june11 1913, in the sheepshead bay neighborhood of Brooklyn. His nickname was Harry Harry’s mother father emigrated from salerno, Italy, harry  had three siblings, Lombardi graduated from 8th grade at P.S.206 at age 15 in 1928. he enrolled cathedral preparatory seminary, a  division of cathedral college of conception in Brooklyn,  A  six year  catholic program to become a catholic priest. But His performances  is hindered by his poor eyesight.   Against school rules, he continued to play football of campus throughout his studies. after completing  four years at high school. he enrolled at st. Francis preparatory high school for the fall of 1932. there he became a charter member of  omega gamma delta fetranlity. His performance  as a fullback  on the terriers football team earned him a position  on the virtual football team.

Fordham university(national football league)

In 1933 Lombardi received a  football scholarship. to Fordham university in the Bronx  to player fordham rams and coach gym Crowley, who was one of the  four horsemen  of natre damn in the 1920s . During his  freshman year , Lombardi proved to be an aggressive  spirited player   on the field Lombardi was projected to start game at the tackle position. Lombardi was only 5’8″ and about 180 pounds  and was classified undersized  for the position.  in his senior career of 1936 , he was the right guard  at seven blocks of genet, a nickname given by university football teams offensive front line . in a game he suffered  a severe  gas inside his mouth  and several teeth knocked out   he missed most of remainder game.  until he called  defense for successful goal lines  stand that preserve  a scoreless tie. rams  were 5-0-2  before losing the final game of season  the loss destroyed all hopes  of Fordham  playing in the Ross bowl  taught Lombardi a lesson  he would never forget never u underestimate the opponent.

National football league

Early career(national football league)

Lombardi graduated from  university on June  16 1937, the nation was still plagued by the great depression , so there were  few career opportunity  for the young Lombardi  and for the next two years , he showed up  he showed no discernible career path or ambition. he tried to play  semi-professional  football with the clippers of a debt  collector for a collection agency  but those effort proved  to be failure’s.

Coaching career

in 1939 Lombardi  wanted to marry his girlfriend , Marie Liptez  but he differed  at his father insistence because he need steady job  to support himself and family  he married marry 1939  Lombardi accepted an assisting coaching at St .Cecelia, Haw’s offer this position by high school head coach  in 1942 head coach left from  Cecelia and Lombardi  became head coach at St. Cecelia. in 1943 St cilia’s  was recognized as  top high school team in the a large victory  over Brooklyn prep, a joist school concerned one of the best team in eastern united  states  Lombardi won six championship and became the president of the Bergen county  Coaches  association. in 1947 Lombardi became the coach  of freshmen  teams in football and basketball under head coach ed Danowski, but he was  arguably the  defecto head coach.


in 1948 Season, Lombardi accepted  an assistant job at the us military academy a position that greatly influenced his future philosophy and his system of coaching. he was offensive line coach under head coach colonel red Blaik  as integral as religion was  to sense of self until he reached  west point combined his spiritual discipline with military  that his coaching persona began  to take its mature form  Lombardi  coaching five seasons 1950 season was successful following these five season at army Lombardi accepted an assistant coach with new York giants

New York giant

At age 41 in 1954, Lombardi began his  NFL career with new York giants  He accepted a job  that later became known as the offensive coordinator position under new head coach Jim lee Howell at point Howell se the talent of Lombardi and then recommend for the head coach Lombardi applied as a head coach in some  other universities  but he never get a reply  Lombardi introduced the strategy to block the NFL  in rule blocking


Green bay packers(national football league)

The green bay packers  with six future hall of the roster in 1958 Finished1-10-1 under coach Ray Maclean the worst history in packers the player were dispirited the packers shareholders disoriented and the green bay packers community was enraged. on February 2,1959 Lombardi accepted the position as a head coach and general manager of Green bay packers he demanded full control on player from franchise, leaving I want to understand it Lombardi assertion of full command applied on player for his first training camp. He demanded full effort and dedicated from the players The packers immediately improved in 1959 7-5 and rookie Lombardi name the coach of the year the fans apricated what Lombardi was trying to do and respond by purchasing of every game ticket 1960-1966 In Lombardi second year in 1960 green bay won the NFL western conference for the first time since 1944. The victory along with well known convictions, led the green bay packers to anoint Lombardi nickname the pop Lombardi led the packers to the championship game against Philadelphia Eagles. Before the game Lombardi met with wellington and advised him he would not take against head coaching job in the final packers have stopped from a few yards from the goal line . Lombardi has suffered his first championship game lose. After the press conference Lombardi told the team this will never happen again you will never loss another later years as coach of packers Lombardi made it a point to admonish his running back that if they failed to score from one yard out, he would be consider personal affront to him and he would seek retribution .He coached the packers to win their next 9 post seasons game a record streak not matched or broken until bill bailiwick won ten straight from 2002 to 2006 with new England. The packers Defeated the NFL tittle in 1961(37-0) in green bay and 1962 (16-7) at yanked stadium marking the first two of their seven years Lombardi coaching and 1967 packers won ice bowl the best coach in the world on on NFL




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