Ai Powered Ads in Google

The New Era of AI-Powered Ads in Google

As we all know the era of AI has begun and AI will be the future of our digital world. Google is AI-powered so much What people love About YouTube: Content Marketing user experience And More. Google announced Two new AI-powered campaigns, Demand Gen and Video View Campaign. it will Help us to make it easier and to attract customers and marketing goals

AI Powered ads

Demand Gen Ai-Powered Ads

Demand Gen campaigns are designed with unique features that help us to identify users as per the record people is taking instant action after seeing anything on Google Discover and YouTube with demand gen you can integrate your most viewed videos and images with YouTube, Youtube shorts, Gamil,

With demand, gen features google tries to make it easier, and then they will bring your best performance video and image in Google ads and preview How they will look before running.

Expand beyond the existing customer

You Can make this campaign smarter and more creative as per your brand and audience needs and target a lookalike audience.

By optimizing the campaign for conversions and maximizing clicks Bidding you can maximize the deep relevance to your Brand Goal. Right time Right action will help us to drive instance result with more conversion with existing customer by offering them discount and more offer on your product and you can create a demand gen campaign to drive new look-like audiences to your sites for a special offer to join your brand’s subscription. Using this method will give the business a chance to grow easily with less effort and time

Maximize views efficiently using AI ADS(Video View Campaigns)

A video view campaign is best for the YouTube platform with a video view campaign people can do brand maximizing in YouTube feeds and YouTube shorts all within a single campaign in the early testing of the video view campaign get 40% more engagement rather than in skippable and in-stream cost per view

Ai powered ads

Some national companies wanted to target video view campaigns at the peak of the holiday season. Samsung was able to increase the view by 90% reach increment by reducing CPM and generating Best-class

Measure results with AI-powered insights

Marketers are getting pressure to do more with less time they are facing multiple macro challenges from inflation to the demand of the supply chain are forcing them to make tougher decisions for the business. As marketing decision-makers for all of these solutions these AI ads will provide solutions and allow you to measure the impact of your campaign with the brand and search to get more audience and the right results with data-driven attribution you can make smarter decisions more effectively


In this Blog, we talked about the new power of AI ads which helps marketers get more audience and wider reach and better growth of the brand with video view campaigns and demand Gen.

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