Which one is effective Facebook ads or Google Adwords?

Which one is effective Facebook ads or Google AdWords?

Facebook Ads

Google ads and Facebook ads Both are pay per click advertising platform. Both Platform can provide sell and leads for you and your client’s Businesses, and many people is working on both platform but since the time and money are limited you have to think from where should you start to get max. reach.

The two ad platform have a lot of thing common. But some Difference’s will help you to determine the right platform for your and your client’s Goal .

No matter you have experience and  you are starting from scratch in this blog we will discuss about the Google ads and Facebook ads which one is more effective.

What is Google Ads

Google ads is PPC platform which work as pay per click ads where you can advertise Bid to display ads  service offeering and product listing and video ads for web users it can place ads to the search engine result page and non search websites, mobileapps,

To monitor your ads result you should metrics and data tracking in google analytics and yiu can create a report on the basis of those  metrics.

What is Facebook Ads

Facebook ads is a advertising platform your ads can appear in feed story and reels Facebook messenger and website clicks also with the help of meta ads system.

They come in a some variety of ads like image reels video slideshow etc.

Paid search Vs Paid Social

Google Ads is a paid search Paid Search meant that your paying for each click to get the result for your business  on search engine result page (SERP) Here is an example

which one is effective Google ads& Facebook ads

With paid search your ads is based on the keyword instead of targeting specific audience interest. you can adjust the setting and target the specific location. and others factors.

Google offer many types of paid ads

  • Google Search
  • YouTube Ads
  • Google Display Network
  • Google Performax
  • Google Maps

In the offers of paid search Facebook offer paid social media advertising. With Facebook ads you are paying to get in Infront of new customers on social media and social platforms

Facebook offer different kind of ad

  • Facebook Feed
  • Instagram Feed
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Facebook Video Feeds
  • Audience Network
  • Facebook Messenger

Here is an example of Facebook AD

which one is effective Google ads& Facebook ads

Cost Considerations

Googles cost is also higher the average CPC on google is 250 Rs but this varies base on industry wise while Facebook is cheaper than Google it might cost 30 rupees per click on Facebook ad.

Buyer Intent

When it comes to buyer intent Google ads always almost beat Facebook ads

Targeting Options

Both Google and Facebook Gives you option to target the people by there interest and behavior and specific audience . Both Platform allows you to choose wide audience .

Which Platform You should choose 
If you want to build brand and online presence then go to the Facebook and if you would like to generate more sale and lead then you should go with google. ads its always depends on your business and your client business also .




In the dynamic realm of digital advertising, the choice between Facebook Ads and Google AdWords depends on your unique business goals and audience targeting preferences. In conclusion, each platform brings distinct advantages:

  • Facebook Ads excel in reaching specific demographics and fostering engagement through diverse ad formats. The social nature of the platform facilitates community building, leveraging likes, comments, and shares.
  • Google AdWords, on the other hand, taps into user intent through keyword targeting. Its search network and display options cater to individuals actively seeking information, offering a powerful tool for lead generation and direct response.

Consider your budget constraints and desired outcomes when deciding between these platforms. Facebook Ads may be more cost-effective for building brand awareness and community, while Google AdWords might be the go-to for capturing users ready to convert.

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